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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 30, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning. i'm bob redell. we'll show you what the new doyle drive is like as far as the commute. we'll take you for a live drive coming up. this time tomorrow, thousands of bay area nurses will be on the picket line. we have a preview of the strike deal with missing staff. new developments in the deadly east palo alto crash that sparked debate over school intersections and stop lights. this morning, we learned the fate of the driver that ran into that little girl. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. doyle drive is now rubble and the new presidio parkway bypass is in place. it finished in time for the monday morning commute. >> that's right. nbc bay area bob redell has been cruising that route out of san francisco all morning, joins us live with the latest update. bob, what's happening? >> reporter: good morning, jon and marla. they opened 15 minutes early, 4:45. they promised 5:00, but they gave us an extra 15 minutes this morning. right now, we left the golden gate bridge toll plaza, headed southbound on new doyle drive. old days, being last week, we would normally veer to the left to go on the old section. now you can see you veer right, pretty much staying straight ahead. still five lanes. you don't fear left. takes you across a brand new bridge which we are heading across, into a brand new tunnel.
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you may notice the lighted signs above say 35 miles per hour. that's the speed limit. it is slower than the 40 miles per hour speed limit on the old road. once you get through this, you hit a long s curve that dumps you on marina, or you continue on doyle onto lombard in the city. there was a backup as people try to get used to the new configuration. tomorrow and days to come, you may want to give yourself some extra minutes if commuting from marin. >> it was a little congested but bad. i like i can turn left onto marina finally. worth it. >> so the congestion was normally? >> no, a little heavy. >> not only do you have a new tunnel that people are going through, but you have demolition that people are looking at. so we asked people to just be patient during the first couple weeks. there's going to be an adjustment. >> reporter: and as you look out the right side of our van, you
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can see the old doyle drive. they took the whole weekend to tear it down, starting at 8:00 friday night, working 57 hours until this morning to tear it down, to create the new alignment. the old doyle drive, elevated portion, was 76 years old. that's one reason they tore it down, it was seismically not safe. it is a $1 billion project, hope to have it fully completed by 2015. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. not one but two car pool lanes are headed for 101 on the peninsula and south bay. a plan is in the way to build double car pool lanes both directions in palo alto to be on the 101, 85 interchange in mountain view. there will be a total of 12 lanes both directions. eventually, those lanes will be
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converted to express lanes, so solo drivers have the option to use those lanes for a price. interstate 680 back open this morning following a major crash that locked up, shut down both sides of the freeway. it started when a big rig lost control, slammed into the center divide, rolled on its side. the impact was so violent, it sent concrete debris into the oncoming lane, forcing closure of both sides of the busy commuter route. adding to the complication was cleanup there, the fact the truck was carrying barrels of hazardous material. at least eight other cars were involved in the accident, but there are no reports of injuries. the other good news, the road was completely reopened by 7:00 a.m. no charges will be filed in an accident that killed an east palo alto school girl. the six-year-old was hit by a car last september crossing bay road at gloria way on her way to
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school. tragically, the woman behind the wheel of the car that hit her was a veteran teacher from another nearby elementary. the d.a.'s office says there's no evidence of a crime being committed. a campaign to have the city install a stoplight at the intersection has failed so far. thousands of nurses gearing up to hit the picket lines tomorrow. nurses working at nine bay area hospitals and medical centers plan on going on strike tomorrow. as you can see on the map, the protest is across the bay area from burlingame to berkeley and antioch. christie smith joins us from summit medical center in oakland with the details how the hospitals plan to fill that staffing void. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we stopped by the nurses union office this morning in oakland, and i can tell you they are ready to go, have lots of picket signs. this is going to be happening, the strike, at eight bay area hospitals, including summit in oakland. the nurses say they didn't want
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it to come to this, but looks like they say they're not seeing much progress at the bargaining table with sutter. so at the california nurse's association, thousands of signs are ready for an estimated 4500 nurses. they'll be making more signs this afternoon for picketing at hospitals in vallejo, burlingame, oakland, berkeley. it starts tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. nurses say it is on-going. the last strike wasn december and they have been without a contract since last summer, and that sutter is asking for dozens of cuts to benefits, working conditions, while they say top executives get pay hikes. a summit spokeswoman told us that rns received a 22% wage increase in three years and that they respect their nurses who tell us they don't want to keep hitting the picket lines. >> nurses never want to strike. this is a measure of last resort, and sutter health has
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but over 100 concessions on the negotiating table, and most of these concessions go to the heart of nurses being able to provide safe care. >> reporter: in a statement, summit said in part we're deeply disappointed a strike could not be avoided and that cna is calling yet another strike against the hospital. this is the third strike the union has called since september. we should also note they hired replacement nurses, so the hospital is open as usual if you need care. they say some elective procedures are being postponed, but they say with the temporary nurses coming in, they require a five day contract. so for the nurses that go on strike tomorrow, they won't be allowed back until sunday. live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the man accused of killing seven people at oikos university will be back before a judge today. 43-year-old one l. goh is expected to enter a plea at a court hearing in oakland this
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afternoon. goh is in solitary confinement in dublin. he is only allowed to leave his cell one hour a day. goh faces the death penalty if convicted of the charges against him. there's a memorial service for one of the victims of the sailboat racing accident that killed five people. 26-year-old alexus bush, former giants bat girl was on board the low speed chase when several were swept overseas in that accident two weeks ago. at 1:00 p.m. today, her family will have a public memorial service in her honor at at&t park. she was the first bat girl in major league history. and the coast guard is piecing together what happened in another deadly yacht race. three killed and one missing after this. it was racing from newport beach to encenada when it was smashed into by something bigger. only small pieces of debris have
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been recovered from the ocean waters where the boat was last seen. meteorologist christina loren joining us to talk about a nice forecast. >> we have a great looking week. we're going to see quiet, spring-like weather that lasts just about all week. temperatures are all over the place. you can see the live picture of san francisco. a lot of marine air left over. let me show you what that's doing to temperatures in santa cruz. 56 there versus 77 in sunnyvale. this is the time of year microclimates kick into high gear and you can tell the difference between livermore and san francisco. as we head through the afternoon, we're going to see a couple of low 80s on the temperature map. overall, looking at a cooler week than over the course of the weekend. showers possible ahead. we'll get to that coming up. a lot to talk about in the seven-day forecast. >> good-looking forecast. looking forward to it. thank you very much.
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well, to smart meter or not. and microsoft takes on apple with e books and a big bay area ipo. we will look coming up. and some bay area middle schoolers proving this morning they have the best and brightest minds in scscience. national title some fremont students are getting ready to bring on home.
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happening now, we're giving you a live look in new york city. construction workers atop what will be the one world trade center in lower manhattan. they are installing the last beam topping off what will be the new one world trade center. it will become new york's tallest building, surpassing the empire state building when it is completed. officials say it will stand at 1,776 feet tall. again, a live look. look at that, and the antenna,
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pretty darn spectacular. >> pretty emotional there, too. >> yes. the u.s. is ironing out a deal with china to get asylum for a blind activist that escaped house arrest. they want to reach an agreement before secretary of state hillary clinton arrives in china this week. chen guangcheng is reported now in u.s. hands in beijing, but the state department won't confirm his whereabouts. friday, he released a video after escaping from his village home. chen is a well known dissident that angered authorities in rural china by exposing forced abortions. nearly a year after killing osama bin laden, the president giving an idea what it was like in the situation room during the extremely dangerous mission. >> this is, if i am not mistaken, pete, this picture was taken as the helicopter was having some problems, but you may not remember. that's what it feels like.
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i remember hillary putting her hand over her mouth at that point. >> that is brian williams, catching up with president obama for an exclusive interview. williams also talked with secretary of state hillary clinton about that photo and that historic moment. >> when you look at it. >> yeah. >> what does it conjure up? >> that's what i am like when my husband drags me to an action movie. what it does is conjure up all the emotions in myself and all the other people in the group. it was an extraordinary experience. >> catch all of that interview on rock center wednesday, the anniversary of bin laden's death. in business and tech, microsoft is ready to take on apple in electronic books and yet another bay area ipo is ahead. scott mcgrew has the day's
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business news. >> reporter: start with electronic books. barnes & noble has the nook e book, like the amazon kindle and ipad, but it has been the smallest and least fun. not any more. microsoft jumped in with hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, microsoft and barnes & noble will spin nook business off into a jointly owned company. microsoft says it will make the nook will make it an integral part of the operating system. and solar city will file for an ipo. they lease solar panels to homeowners. generally speaking, it is cheaper to lease panels than paying for the electricity from pg&e now. you get thousands of dollars on your roof kind of for free. and financial newspaper baron said google and apple should be considered as two companies for the dow 30 industrials. there are 30 companies that makeup that index.
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who do you get rid of to make room? alcoa, bank of america or, ouch, hewlett packard. the nasdaq index measuring trading on the nasdaq marketplace. but there are companies that are part of the dow but don't trade on nyse. back to you. a bay area lawmaker wants more scrutiny on the high speed rail project. san mateo legislator jerry hill submitting a bill to guard against contract or self interest. the $68 billion rail line connects the bay area to central valley and to southern california. pg&e wants to hear from customers by tomorrow whether they want to opt out of the smart meter program. three months ago tomorrow, state
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regulators gave homeowners the option of rejecting the wireless meters. tuesday is not a firm deadline. you can opt out any time. but keep in mind, you have to pay a $75 fee and monthly surcharge. new this morning, some great news locally. a local school coming home the national science bowl choons. >> fremont mor than 40 choose t that honor. national science bowl is a competition that tests the students' knowledge of science. san jose parker middle school also made the finals, one of eight teams. each finalist team got award of $1,000 for the science department. just how smart are the kids, a mini are you smarter than a junior high student. a sample of the questions they need to know. what is the oxygen carrying protein found in red blood cells? >> the answer of course is. >> hemoglobin. right. i went to school. >> were you a science guy? >> was a science guy, liked
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math. i majored in recess. >> of course you did. he is an athlete. you know that about him. >> he was a math whiz counting down to recess. good morning to you. you may be counting down the clock to lunchtime. you have a great looking day for outdoor lunch plans. take a look at this. this is san jose. just a beautiful clear sky overhead. we have a little haze out there. it has been a little on the dry side, so we are expecting particulate matter to accumulate. more suspended in the atmosphere the next few days. maybe getting showers and stronger on shore flow towards the middle of the week and weekend. you can see from the satellite we have a pocket of cloud cover over santa cruz, a little cloud cover hugging san francisco. look what it is doing to temperatures. 56 in santa cruz versus 73 in sunnyvale. i had to bump temperatures up in the south bay to 80 in los
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gatos, we are climbing so rapidly. 75 in santa rosa. 65 degrees in san francisco. it gets on the breezy side later today. stop future cast at 6 p.m. you can see the red and orange. that's windy conditions at the coast through the north bay. keep that in mind. high pressure keeps us nice and comfortable the next few days. for us, means a warmup today. little more cloud cover, staying nice and mild. tuesday looks just about as good as what we talk about for today. looks like this. seven day outlook tells the story. 74 degrees for tuesday. wednesday, 69 degrees, increasing clouds. nice looking day for thursday here in the south bay. but things are going to be dreary up north, we are expecting showers over thursday and friday. cloudy start friday makes way to a beautiful, warming weekend, up to 76 sunday. dust off your library card
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when south bay library opens its doors for the first time in eight years. we have new video of the campbell library, officially back in business. the location on harrison avenue off highway 17 shut its doors in 2004 because of budget cuts. beginning today, the library will be on a six day per week schedule. >> that's great to see. got to love the libraries. two people in the bay area are sitting on a pile of money and apparently don't know it. state lottery says two tickets worth nearly a quarter million each haven't yet been redeemed. those tickets among dozens that matched five of six nuchls for the $656 million jackpot a month ago today. we remember that. warmup was sold at fast and easy mart on ar denwood, the other at fox liquors in san francisco. i have to double check my tickets. maybe the people are just taking their time. they have another five months to step up and claim all of that
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cash. >> it would take me no time at all to claim it. well, a hiker was found in the wilderness. hear how she survived for four days. new pictures of conjoined twins separated six months ago. see how great they're doing, able to run around, play, do what they want. to join our discussion, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. toothpaste is not formulated for cleaning dentures,
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left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. this is a great update to a story we covered from the beginning. we lerp more about the conjoined twins sepated by a bay area surgeon after years attached at the chest. this is new pictures. look at the s rngun running around, playi on their own. they are two years old.
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they have come a long way since enchildr p'sil hospital separat them six months ago. they have gone through months of rehabilitation and therapy to get through it. the sisters were separated in a ten hour surgery. check out the full report tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. just a miraculous thing to see those two. >> a miracle. four days lost in the utah wilderness, a hiker with a broken leg is alive and sharing her survival story. 59-year-old victoria grover set out on a six mile hike tuesday. two miles short of completing it, she broke her leg, jumping off a four foot ledge. she used her walking stick as a splint, and waited by a creek bed as nighttime temperatures dropped into the 30s. >> i really wasn't scared until i stopped shivering. that was a point when i got
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scared, because that was the point i thought if somebody doesn't find me pretty soon, i am going to die of hypothermia. >> grover is now recovering in a southern utah hospital where doctors expect her to make a full recovery. >> four days. she's truly a warrior. >> yes, she is. this is not the hot one chef is used to. one chef is about to get a bright yellowrgambo hini lambor >> where police found it after more than a year.
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that's more than cable. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse -- tv like you've never seen before. ♪ finally this morning, one of the biggest names in cooking is getting good news, getting his lamborghini back. >> it was stolen from a san francisco dealership more than a year ago. they stumbled on the yellow lamborghini in a storage unit in port richmond over the weekend. in a weird twist of events, they were investigating a million valley shooting when they led them to the storage unit. it belonged to a 17-year-old boy now in custody. no word what he planned to do
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